13-15 JUNE 2023

Ignacio Rodriguez





If anyone can be described as a chameleon, that is Nacho Rodrigo, a Director of Human Resources who has worked in many countries, Jamaica, Dominican, Brazil, Guinea, Spain, has been a labor lawyer, judge, politician, head of the HR department of the largest business group in Ibiza, headhunter, HR Director of the famous Ibizan hotels Nobu and Six Senses, a manager who has always known how to adapt to different cultures, different countries and any business environment, who after more than 30 years of work experience found some partners with whom he designed and created a human resources management software adapted to the real needs of a human resources manager, designed in Ibiza but carried out in Murcia, this is how the NIVIMU startup emerged, a program in the cloud that helps to win efficiency in the management of human resources, facilitates greater data control and allows process automation among many other things.