13-15 JUNE 2023

Fidel Rodriguez Batalla


Viceconsejero de Universidades, Ciencia e Innovación


Comunidad de Madrid

I´ve worked for Genome Spain and Science and Technology Ministry; as consultant for Valencia, Basque and Madrid Regional Governments in different innovation management fields, the Madrid Science Parks and Clusters Network as a Innovation Manager, Alcala University Science Park as General Director; I´ve worked in Madrid Regional Goverment (Foundation for knowledge Madri+d) and in Madrid-MIT M+Vision Consortium.

From 2015 to june 2021, I have been managing the Foundation of one of the best Universities in Spain & Europe: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, with the responsibility of managing the transfer of knowledge between research groups and companies and other non-profit institutions, lifelong training offered by UAM and the AlumniUAM program.

Actually, I´m in charge as regional viceminister for universities, science and innovation of the goberment of Madrid Region.