13-15 JUNE 2023

Chris Brown




Intelygenz (VASS Company)

Chris is a humble and visionary leader, holding the position of Chief Operating Officer at Intelygenz. Operating from the technical hubs of San Francisco and Madrid, Intelygenz has gained global recognition for its market-leading AI solutions, powered by state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technologies.
Throughout his career, Chris has focused on strategically guiding organizations in bridging the gap between ideation and technical implementation. With a natural aptitude for navigating the intricate landscape where visionary concepts manifest into tangible commercial outcomes, Chris brings a seamless blend of vision and practicality to his role.
Chris engages directly with a diverse range of global companies across sectors, articulating the transformative potential that arise from embracing this groundbreaking technology.
With humility at the forefront of his approach, Chris continuously strives to empower organizations to unlock the true commercial value of AI.