11-13 JUNE 2024

Bogdan Cristian Ciuta


Marketing Specialist



Throughout my professional career, I have worked in a large array of industries (Cloud, Blockchain, Marketing, F&B, PR, NGOs & International Organizations, Film & Production, Gas & Chemical and others)
This experience has led me to succeed in a vast range of countries, cultures and market structures (Switzerland, UK, Spain, Romania, Albania, Malaysia, Singapore).
With this wide industry knowledge, I believe I can bring a unique perspective to the table on how start-ups and enterprises alike can benefit from the solutions offered by Hyperstack.
The current Artificial Intelligence boom brought to light many of the limitations and challenges businesses are facing when trying to scale and succeed in their respective verticals.
I am attending DES2023 with Hyperstack to specifically address these challenges in the market, and the solutions we are showcasing for any business looking for accelerated GPU solutions for their workloads. Simple, affordable, and efficient GPU at scale.