11-13 JUNE 2024

Alejandro del Río Betancort


Chief Information Security Officer


Intesa Sanpaolo Servitia

Alejandro is an executive security professional with 10+ years of experience, mainly developed on the information security field. Throughout his years of experience, Alejandro has nowadays focused on security management aspects, mainly on governance, risk & compliance matters, but also developed on team and budget management.

However, due to his technical background and previous experiences Alejandro is able to understand complex technical matters. Due to his communication skills, Alejandro is able to communicate such technical matters to c-level executives and other non-technical professionals.

Alejandro is a result and goal driven professional. Thanks to his project management skills, Alejandro is able to develop into continuous improvement with pragmatic actions. Nevertheless, Alejandro is able to set mission and vision statement to also achieve long-term goals aligned to overall business objectives.