11-13 JUNE 2024

Utilizing Blockchain to Tackle Government Corruption in Latin America and Spain

  • 13/06/2023
  • 17:50 - 18:10
  • Inspiration Theatre
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Join us for an insightful discussion focusing on the innovative use of blockchain technology in combating government corruption across Latin America and Spain. We will explore the potential of blockchain as a transparent, secure, and decentralized solution to address issues such as fraud, bribery, and mismanagement of public funds.

By implementing blockchain systems in governance, we can enhance the traceability of transactions – including crypto payments, improve data security, and increase accountability among public officials. The session will delve into real-world use cases, success stories, and the challenges faced in adopting blockchain technology for a more transparent and efficient public sector.


Mónica Taher

Mónica Taher

Vice President of Marketing



Juan Jiménez Zaballos

Juan Jiménez Zaballos


Alastria Blockchain Ecosystem