11-13 JUNE 2024

New era of incident detection & response: faster, stronger, but not higher

  • 13/06/2023
  • 13:20 - 13:40
  • Inspiration Theatre
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In recent years we have seen an increasingly complex landscape around cyber threats in the business world. The data reveals an increase in the number and sophistication of attacks against companies, as well as in the losses they cause. Industry analysis shows that the defensive perspective has yet to mature, showing that 47% of alerts are ignored, leading to an average of 56 days to identify an attacker on the network and an average of 73 days to contain a security breach.

We are talking about a context that leads us to enter a new era of Detection and Response services, traditionally implemented in the CSOC (Cybersecurity Operations Center), and to a faster & stronger response to it. This new era involves obtaining protection, detection and response on the path towards the digitization of organizations, and using telemetry provided by business technology for detection and response to incidents in an agile way; a service based on the specialization of the professionals who provide it, the technological stack that makes it scalable and the different components that give it versatility.

We will share a particular overview of this new vision of CSOC capabilities.  


Abel González Bello

Abel González Bello

Head of Incident Detection & Response en SIA

Minsait (SIA)


Raul Guillen

Raul Guillen

Cybersecurity Strategy Director

Trend Micro