13-15 JUNE 2023

Málaga Tourism. Unveiling the top-tier tech on the future of traveler engagement

  • 16/06/2022
  • 13:30 - 14:00
  • Auditorium Personio
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In this session, we will unveil what the (immediate) future of interaction between a destination and its visitors could be like, due to the implementation of blockchain technologies, NFTs, and the utilities that will change the way that destinations are experienced by tourists.

Malaga is an European leading destination in technologies applied to the tourist experience, and this session will reveal its new tool that will allow enjoying a way of interacting with tourists, that does not exist yet in the tourism industry.


Jonathan Gómez Punzón

Jonathan Gómez Punzón

Head of Málaga Tourism Board

Malaga City Council


Jimmy Pons Capó

Jimmy Pons Capó

Co Founder