Patricia is a doctor specializing in chronic pain therapy and sports medicine.
She has worked in several hospitals in Barcelona and Mallorca. In 2017 he created a multidisciplinary Sports Medicine project to improve the autonomy of the athlete. She has been coordinator of the Pain Therapy Unit in two hospitals supervising and managing a great human team.
Thanks to his capacity for effort and resilience, he has managed to write his first outreach book “Pausa tu dolor de espalda” and in the period 2012-2017 he was a High-Level Athlete thanks to his sporting achievements.
Her work partners describe Patricia as a fighter, passionate woman with a great leadership and vision.
After a year and a half as CEO and co-founder of Medical ASR, an online clinic specializing in chronic musculoskeletal pain and sports medicine, she started a new adventure at Iki Health 6 months ago.
Its objective is to change the paradigm of clinical care for chronic pain patients making life easier for doctors thanks to AI/Deep learning and improving clinical results thanks to gamification.
Its Mission is to reduce reduce musculoskeletal pain globally with the help of technology.